Your LERN Leaders and Staff have begun to plan a return to our in-person conference beginning in the fall of 2022.

For 2021, we will have our second and very successful LERN Virtual Conference November 15-18, 2021.

Here’s some of the initial brainstorming for the 2022 in-person conference:
1.The Virtual Conference will continue to be held annually, in the fall.
2.The Virtual Conference serves at least twice as many people as our in-person conferences.
3.The Virtual Conference format has unique benefits and features not available in-person.
4.The On-Site Conference will supplement, not be an alternative to the Virtual Conference.
5.The On-Site Conference format will be new. It will feature more discussions, workshops, networking, and our pioneering Engagement Session format.
6.Because a number of On-Site Conference sessions and discussions will build upon the presentations and content delivered at the Virtual Conference, attendance at the Virtual Conference will likely be required to participate in the On-Site Conference, which will follow the Virtual Conference.
7.LERN will follow all safety protocols recommended by the CDC in order to assure the safety of all attendees.
8.The 2022 On-Site Conference will return to one of the classiest cities and be a celebration and reunion for LERN Members.

Submit your suggestions for the 2022 On-Site Conference. Email them to Maria Damiani at maria@lern.org

Volunteer to be on the Conference Planning Committee. Email Maria Damiani at maria@lern.org