3 Big Themes

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threeThe big annual LERN conference in New Orleans this month saw three big themes emerge that are changing the field of lifelong learning.  LERN and its most successful members are leading those changes.

#1 Changing Success Formulas
The most successful lifelong learning programs are changing the formula for success. With the most advanced strategies in the field, these programs are taking success to the next level with marketing, programming and data analysis.

#2 New Learning Model Evolving
Cutting edge instructors are pioneering a new learning model for the 21st Century. That model engages learners more in the course, even having students create content for the class. And it involves a whole new way of measuring learning and providing completion criteria.

#3 New 21st Century Competencies
With the economy and lifelong learning delivery system being transformed, there are new 21st century competencies required for people in the workplace, including lifelong learning professionals. A special LERN task force at the big LERN conference kicked off an initiative to help define what those new competencies are.

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