Another Dumb VP Call

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badA LERN member emailed us this summer, “Well, we had to prove that LERN was right, and that we would take a nose dive. No printed and mailed schedule has cost us upwards of 68% in both revenue and enrollments for our program.”

This is just the latest incidence of a vice president in central administration deciding to eliminate the printed brochure for the lifelong learning program.  Fortunately, this program will get its printed brochure reinstated after the costly mistake.

Julie Coates will present Nine Reasons to Keep Your Print Brochure at the big LERN Annual Conference in Baltimore Nov. 16-19.

Most programs, we are pleased to report, continue to use a print brochure, as it generates some 70% of your registrations and income.  But we are still getting these unfortunate “testimonials” as to the value of the print brochure. Next time your program debates a risky new change, call LERN first.

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