#1 – LERN Generates 300,000 Registrations


LERN Generates
300,000 Registrations

Making it the most influential organization in North America in lifelong learning and continuing education, LERN generated 300,000 registrations this year for our members and for society.

Those are people who would not have taken a class from your program but for LERN.

It also means millions of additional dollars for our members that you would not have had but for LERN.

Best of all, you don’t have to feel that you used our services to get those additional registrations and revenue. It just happens if you are a member, and it’s called “knowledge spillover,” according to Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Lucas of the University of Chicago.

It’s the Top Highlight of the Year for LERN.

We’re proud to be one of the biggest educational organizations in North America, making a substantial and significant contribution to society.

Not a member? Email us at info@lern.org. Or
Call us at 800-678-5376 M-F 9-6 ET.

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