11 New things planned for the 2014 LERN Annual Conference


The 2014 LERN Annual Conference, Nov. 21-23 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin in Orlando, Florida, is brimming with new. 2014 LERN Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida

New sessions. New presenters. New predictions. And lots more new.

Here are the top 11 New things planned for the 2014 LERN Annual Conference:

1. A brand new, one-time only pre-conference session on Designing Visuals for Deep Learning on Nov. 20. New presenter Diana Howles delivers this session on transforming text bullets into engaging visuals and crafting multimedia-based instructional content more effectively.

2. 30 new presenters. LERN’s most popular presenters will be joined this year by 30 new presenters with expertise on everything from visual multimedia and Generation Y management, to the brain and learning.

3. A new (to LERN) hotel! For the first time LERN heads to the Walt Disney World Dolphin, aThe Walt Disney World Dolphin fabulous resort with inviting pools, a world-class spa, lots of great casual, lounge and fine dining options and superior meeting spaces for the conference itself.

4. 15 New Sessions including:

Value Creation: 10 Strategies

Finding Productivity

Talent Management

Multimedia for Deep Learning

Instagram for Business

The Flipped Classroom

5. Nine Shift for 2015: The Landslide Begins. Hear LERN President William A. Draves dive into the economic and social changes that will impact lifelong learning and continuing education during the next five years.

6. Game-changing new ways to solve old problems. From streamlining brochure production to the seven reasons winning programs win – you’ll discover tried and true practices that will help you solve some of your most pressing problems.

7. Fresh, new perspectives. You might not be a parks and recreation programmer, but you can definitely take away some great ideas from someone who is. You’ll be surprised how experts and professionals in other industries can help you get a fresh look at your own work.

8. More amazing new tools you’ve never heard of from Dan Belhassen of Modern Earth. You’ll be blown away by the genius cloud-based marketing tools he shows you.

9. New networking opportunities. The 2013 LERN Annual Conference in San Francisco had a record attendance of continuing education, community education, association, parks and recreation, contract training and many other lifelong learning and continuing education professionals. No where else will you get to network with such a wide range of professionals.

10. A new LERNIE. Dr. Layne Harpine is LERN’s newest Senior Consultant and he’ll be presenting at the 2014 LERN Annual Conference on building and growing a great team and internal marketing for contract training units.

11. Four new Superstars. Delatorro L. McNeal, Charles Marohn, Les Howls and Tracy King – the Superstars slated to speak at the 2014 LERN Annual Conference – are experts in their fields and will deliver new insights, strategies and techniques to improve your program.

Don’t wait. Register for the 2014 LERN Annual Conference today and get ready for the most exciting week in lifelong learning.

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