2017 Outlook


Best Window oneHPHere’s a sneak preview of our Executive Leadership Institute for 2017, which is online and starts Feb. 6.  This is part of what we will tell continuing education executives in the first session about what LERN expects in 2017 for the field.

1.You will need to sell the message your program is Critical.
Your institution’s decision makers need to hear time and again in 2017 why your program is Critical. Because it is. LERN can help you frame that message.

2. Economy and external environment still good.
Fall registrations were the best in a decade. Unless something big happens, your market is still good, both for professional development and avocational or leisure learning.

3. Pressure on public sector increases.
Expect 2017 to be increasingly uncertain times for many if not most public sector institutions. Which is why you must sell the message to your institution that your program is critical.

4. Gen Y will want it mobile, visual, interactive, and engaged.
Gen Y, now dominating the workplace and society, in 2017 will want all four in their learning, and in successful marketing to them.

5. New Best Practices will emerge in 2017.
Best practices will change, and new ones emerge. Look for new information on why you are probably using the wrong font type. Plus benchmarks for lifelong learning programs on social media, Facebook ads, videos, integrated marketing, brochures, refund rate, and new recommendations on the length of your course descriptions.

The most successful programs in 2017 will rely on LERN more than ever.

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