2019 Contract Training Conference


Audience watching a business conferenceIf you are not getting 25% of your business from referrals, you’re working too hard. That’s just fact. So how do you get those referrals?

LERN Contract Training Council members suggested:

  1. Ask existing clients. The clients you do the most business with will want you to grow and succeed.
  2. Ask all clients when doing your quality assurance visit after the delivery of a contract service.
  3. Be visible. With social media and other digital communications it’s easier than ever before.
  4. Create links to yourself. Give the person you are talking to you your contact information.
  5. Be great at what you do. People give referrals to people they love to work with.
  6. Practice asking. The more you ask, the easier it becomes.
  7. Build a departmental culture of referrals. Talk about them on the phone, though email, social media, during events and so on.
  8. Use referral friendly language. We like to connect with friends of friends.
  9. Give referrals. Make yourself known as someone who gives referrals to people whose work you trust.

At the LERN Contract Training Conference in Chicago on March 19-22, 2019, we will be sharing more tips on generating referrals, as well as sharing best practices and benchmarks for growing your number of contracts sold and revenue.

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