2019 Contract Training Conference


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Contract Training: Keys to Big Money

Garnering institutional support for contract training is one of the 3 keys to generating contracts and income, according to three top contract trainers.

Successful contract training units, such as Northeast Community College, Kirkwood Community College and Red Deer College are busier than ever with contract training.

Eric Johnson from Northeast, Amy Lasack from Kirkwood, and Rod Holt from Red Deer will share their tips to boost institutional support at LERN’s big Contract Training Conference March 19-22, 2019 in Chicago.

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Lasack, Holt and Johnson attribute their success with contract training to three strategies:
*Getting institutional support and understanding of contract training;

*Investment in staff and technology;

*Using best practices for contract training, such as the ones presented at LERN’s Contract Training Conference.


Over 100 contract trainers attended last year’s Contract Training conference, a new record. And registrations already are running ahead of last year.

LERN’s research this past year has highlighted that while 75 percent of continuing education organizations do open enrollment course programming right, only 25 percent do contract training right. There are great people selling, developing and delivering contract training, but they have limited institutional support, investment and resources.

You too can build an action plan to grow your contract training unit.

Other successful practitioners will also present and  be available for one-on-one coaching sessions that have become a highlight of the Contract Training Conference.

Join us in Chicago for the 9thAnnual Contract Training Conference and learn best practices from industry leaders.

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