3 New Hot Topics


happy business peopleNew hot topics in community programming, and how they are named, appear to be framed by their target audience generations, according to LERN leaders meeting this spring.

Three emerging areas of community programming:

1.Adulting classes.
For Gen Y, assuming adult roles and activities is more complicated than it was for previous generations, say LERN Leaders.  So adulting classes help in those new activities, such as financial planning, insurance and buying a home.

2.Lifestyle classes.
For Gen X and Gen Y, segments of the population are exploring different kinds of lifestyles. Decluttering is one such lifestyle class named by programmers at the LERN retreat.

3.Couples programming.
Popular with boomers, but relevant for Gen Y bringing a friend, taking a class with another person is still a trend. Classes attended with your spouse, date-night themed cooking classes, wine and painting nights, and other pairs programming classes are popular with many programs.

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