3 Pioneering Breakthroughs


Exciting news on 3 big pioneering breakthroughs for the field that premiered at the big LERN Virtual Conference recently.

They are the first Live Online classroom, training with avatars, and the first work-from-home plan.

1.First Live Online Classroom.
The first specially designed classroom to accommodate an in-person class also streamed Live Online to participants at home premiered.
The classroom, which took almost six months to design and construct, allows persons in the class to see those online, and those online to see persons in the class. Kendall Harris, who has been on the cutting edge of offering Live Online classes since their beginning two years ago, created the classroom and demonstrated its features to over 150 colleagues from across North America.

2.First Training with Avatars.
The first continuing education unit to do training using avatars and virtual experience received an International Award for 2022 for their work.
The avatars allowed students to engage in sales training using the virtual situations before experiencing the real-world of sales. Diane Peart of Fort Lauderdale headed up the first known continuing education training using avatars.

3.First Work-from-Home Plan.
The first lifelong learning program to design a plan to send staff home to work reported on their work. The plan included converting office space into income producing classroom space; giving staff shared office space they can book when needing to be in the office; the positive impact on carbon emissions; and more.
The program, which also invented the position of Information Specialist for the field almost thirty years ago, is headed by Scott Cashman of Palatine, Illinois.

The annual LERN conference is frequently the time when innovative practice for the field is premiered and announced. This year’s breakthroughs all have big implications for other programs in the field of lifelong learning programming and continuing education.

The 2022 big LERN Virtual Conference will be Nov 14-17, 2022. Make plans to attend now.

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