5 Brochure Trends for 2022


With young generations eager to read print promotions, there’s 5 big trends for 2022, says Julie Coates, the foremost authority on brochure trends for the field of lifelong learning and continuing education.

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*Gen Y driving up print magazine sales.
Sales of print magazines are going up due to Gen Y and young generations buying more print magazines.

*More catalogs moving to a ‘magazine’ format.
More companies are putting out catalogs in the magazine format, which features one or more articles and stories about the products being sold. Some lifelong learning programs have been out-in-front of this trend, having done a magazine style brochure for several years.

*Big 2022 Trend to ‘Comfort’ Font.
Readers, even in younger generations, are now responding more to serif fonts as more reassuring and a ‘comfort’ font during the pandemic and troubled times.
As a result, serif typestyles, such as Times New Roman, are regaining their status in print catalogs.

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