5 ways to make your boss smile


Here are five ways to make your boss smile: smile

1. Show some success with data.

Bosses love data.  And they love success.  But it doesn’t always have to be big success. It can be a little success as well.  Combine data with success and tell your boss about some success, and document that success with the data.

2. Solve a problem.

Solve a problem without telling your boss beforehand.  Everyone tells the boss about the problems.  When you solve a problem without telling your boss beforehand about the problem, the boss smiles.  It should be a problem within your scope of responsibility and authority of course.

3. Put it in a chart.

Bosses love data, and they love data put into charts and graphs even more.  There’s charts, graphs and now infographics.  And the chart software is free, so just use it.

4. Give her or him a testimonial.

Bosses cannot get enough of testimonials.  Pick out just one each time.  And the one that zings the most, praises the most.

5. Tell him or her what’s new.

Bosses like to know what’s new, what’s happening.  So pick out one thing a week. It can be something small.  Try to make it something good.

Try to make your boss smile every day and you will become a pest.  So try it once a week. If you do just one of our five ways every week, and for sure every month, you don’t just get a smile, you get more support.

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