In-Person Conference Planned

Looking at Las Vegas as the leading potential site, your LERN leaders are planning a return to an in-person conference for 2023.

That follows a return to in-person LERN presentations. The first in-person CPP training in the last 3 years was done in Oklahoma in early spring by Brendan Marsello. That was followed by an all-day presentation by Travette Webster for a state association meeting in Illinois in May.

It’s our #8 Top Highlight of the year.

Here’s what we know now:

*The conference will be in March 2023.

*Participants from organizations that register for the 2022 Virtual Conference in November will get a significant discount on the registration fee.

*The two themes will be Strategic Planning and Leadership.

*Three concurrent sessions are planned for each hour, with two innovative formats to take advantage of the in-person opportunity for networking and discussion.

We expect a final brochure out in the fall, and complete information on our website under “Events and Education.”

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