Amazing New Conference Format


Happy new year celebration concept theme with close up on two glasses of champagne, disco ball covered in mirror, noise makers and party trumpets, confetti, beads and a cork on silver background[/caption]Amazing Conference Sets Record

With 1,755 participants engaged and involved, a whole new conference format was established this fall moving forward for the field.

A whopping 85% of organizations that participated the first year came back for the most recent big LERN Virtual Conference, confirming that professionals love this new format.

Participants, who made it the largest conference in the world in the field, sent an astounding 300 messages to each other per hour, just one demonstration of their engagement in the new format.

Numbers in brief:
*Registrations were up 40% over the first year;
*Each of the 45 sessions averaged over 150 attendees;
*Over 5,000 individual messages were sent by participants, NOT including session questions and chat during the sessions;
*Income for LERN topped budget, a critical way you support your LERN staff.

Two key benefits no in-person conference can provide:
1.Every person can attend every session since sessions are recorded and available afterwards;
2.You send an average of 20 people, making the cost just $89 per person.

Over 300 attendees took advantage of the Certified Program Planner (CPP) track of sessions, with the CPP exam no additional cost the week after the virtual conference.

This year’s big LERN Virtual Conference will be November 14 – 17, 2022.
Mark your calendar now. Budget now.
Registration and details at www.lern.org/conference