Announcing the 2017 LERN Chicago Institutes


Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline

We are delighted to present our Program Management and Marketing Institutes in Chicago on April 3-6, 2017.

Our environment is more competitive than ever. There are increasing fiscal demands, new management challenges, more organizations becoming competitors, and learners’ demands are shifting. By participating in one of our Institutes, you will receive the most advanced information about enhancing your daily work and improving your program.

The Program Management Institute (PMI) is the most complete, comprehensive and advanced training in the field of class programming preparing you to take LERN’s Certified Program Planner (CPP) exam.

The Marketing Institute has been designed to give you the best and most advanced professional development opportunity to enhance your skills in marketing your lifelong learning program preparing you to take LERN’s Certified Marketing Planner (CMP) exam.

For more information about the LERN Chicago Institutes click here.


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