Automation key to eMarketing


Susan_Hurrel“Automation can be salvation for the busy eMarketer,” Susan Hurrell of Modern Earth in Winnipeg told her participants in LERN’s eMarketing Institute this spring.  “Using tools like Hootsuite to pre-plan and preschedule your messaging for multiple channels means you don’t have to do the same things twice, or three times, or more,”  she says.

From her LERN eMarketing Institute, here are her other newest top tips:

  1. Retargeting is the new trend PPC (pay per click) advertising – have your ads follow a potential customer around the web to keep your message top of mind.
  2. Repurpose your keyword rich content – turn your email newsletter into a blog post, break it down into smaller bites for social media. Maximize your investment in content creation and keyword research.
  3. Explanation without demonstration is barely conversation. Use rich media (audio, video, image galleries, etc.) to engage your potential audience what you have to offer. Give them something good to talk about and share!

The big LERN Institutes in Savannah this spring have become THE professional development for the field of lifelong learning.  But they are also producing news and new advanced tips.   This year’s attendance was the second largest in 10 years.

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