Avocational Courses’ New Market


Beach GirlsOneWith 1-of-4 employee absences due to mental stress, begin marketing your avocational and leisure courses to business now, says Julie Coates, LERN Senior Vice President.

She reports that avocational and leisure courses, from fitness to gardening, all have a big positive impact on reducing stress.  Smart business leaders know the cost of paying for leisure courses for their employees is far less than the cost of employee absence from work.

Work absence due to anxiety, panic and depression is even more common among millennials, age 20-40, than other generations. Millennials are now not only the largest generation in the workforce, but the workforce leadership of the future.

Coates says you don’t have to change your avocational and leisure courses, or do anything different.  You just want to market your classes to business.  “An added marketing strategy would be to offer the company a group discount. Group discounts are win-win for them and for your program,” she notes.  Group discounts generate even more profitability for your program than individual registrations.

For information on how to structure a Business Group Discount for your avocational and leisure courses, just email info@lern.org