Best Customer Ideas for 2018


ice sculpture threeCropFrom the big LERN Annual Conference, your LERN Leaders submitted their best ideas of the year.  Here are some of the best customer tips.  Conference coverage continues in the LERN Club; check it out for more FREE great practical ideas.

  1. Remain kind and professional.  Always. Submitted by Beth Pinargote, Glencoe, IL
  2. When meeting with clients, remember to ask about other types of programming initiatives and other ideas.  Use the client’s expertise to brainstorm other program ideas. Submitted by Lynn Weiland, La Crosse, WI
  3. Get involved in local community organizations, boards, meetings, etc.   Identify your goals and choose the organizations and events that most closely align with your goals. This can lead to new business opportunities. Submitted by Marie Price, Post Falls, ID
  4. Don’t abide jerks.  If they are a customer, give them all their money back and wish them well.  If they are vendors/instructors, fire them, they are costing you far more than they generate.  If they are employees, feedback…improvement plans…pink slips. Submitted by Todd Freece, Orlando, FL

Photo: natural ice sculptures form on this farm. Artesian wells, common in this coulee country of western Wisconsin, are fed by aquifers whose sources lie in porous rock formations at higher elevations. The pressure in these rock layers allows the wells to flow freely when tapped into—a pump less well.  Photo by LERN staff.



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