A new independent study has shown that LERN Members have 10% higher registrations than non-members. That 10% means for most member programs you are generating $25,000 or more each year because of your LERN Membership.

Now there’s even newer proof about the ROI from your LERN Membership. Surveys of LERN members and non-members, plus what Members are telling our staff over the phone, verify that LERN members are more likely to keep their print brochure and distribution than non-members, saving your program from registration and income disaster.

Up next: helping your program succeed in the new era of online learning. “Lean on LERN” even more during these uncertain times when the best practices are changing rapidly to adapt to your new external marketplace.

Just email us at info@lern.org or call us toll free at 800-678-5376. Or click on “Live Chat” right here on our website. Thanks for your membership!

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