Bigger Than Obama Care?


obamacareThe last three months have seen enormous changes as the Industrial Age collapses before our eyes.  And the landslide of Gen Y and the 21st Century is now on a roll.

One event in the last three months could have even bigger implications for the United States than the Affordable Health Care Act, say “Nine Shift” authors Julie Coates and William Draves.  There was no dancing in the streets, so check out the weblog or webinar for what event Coates and Draves think is as big as Obama Care.

If you missed Nine Shift for 2015 in Orlando, and you missed the Nine Shift webinar on May 6, just email us at info@lern.org and ask for the link to the archived version of the webinar.  There is no charge for the webinar or archived version.

Meanwhile, check out the Nine Shift blog each and every month for the latest news you won’t see in the nation’s media about the 21st Century.  Just go to www.NineShift.com and click on the blog link.

Then plan on coming to the big annual LERN conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5 and hear Nine Shift live with the all-new 2016 edition.  The ending, a true story, is like an “I Love Lucy” episode and had our two test audiences laughing.

Photo story: Mentoring success.  It takes years to see the positive results of mentoring.  Picture is of Julie and Hawk, a young man she mentored 10 years ago. Hawk came back and visited this spring, doing well and making Julie very happy.

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