Breaking: Distribution Delays


This just in: several programs are reporting both huge increases in printing costs for their fall print brochure, plus post office delays in mailing the brochure.

LERN is responding with Exclusive member-only information and analysis. For your 2022 print brochures, here’s what we can do:

1.Trim your brochure pages without cutting classes.
FREE. Get LERN’s 11 tips on how to reduce the number of pages in your brochure without cutting classes or hurting registrations. We can cut up to 25% of your brochure costs.

2.Get a FREE distribution analysis.
Save up to 20% in distribution without hurting registrations, maybe even increasing registrations according to LERN members receiving our Exclusive member-only analysis.

Only available from LERN, we analyze your data and tell you how to cut up to 20% of your household mailings without losing registrations.

For either or both services, email info@lern.org and request the information and/or analysis. Mention “trim brochure costs” if you can to speed our reply.

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