Breaking News! Watershed Year for Brochures


JulySlider1“This year is a watershed year in brochure design,”  ace brochure expert Julie Coates told a standing-room-only webinar audience this summer.

“Younger adults want authentic, they want service to the community, they want passion,” she noted.  And middle-aged and older adults are just fine with those new trends too.

“Gen Yers are designing brochures, and they are remaking the print brochure for the next decade and your biggest current and future audience,” Coates reported.

Here are the top 9 things younger people want to see in your print brochure:

  1. Real people, not stock photos.
  2. Authenticity.
  3. More service oriented.
  4. More personal.
  5. Passion and inspiration.
  6. More engaging.
  7. Adventure.
  8. More targeted.
  9. More visual.

The archived edition of Coates’ one hour webinar, plus 20 minutes of questions, is available for $89 for Members/ $149 for Nonmembers. To order, email info@lern.org.

Coates and Paul Franklin, LERN’s top direct mail expert, will be staring at the big LERN Annual Conference Nov. 16-19 in Baltimore.  Among their sessions, some of the most popular of the conference, are:

-Best Brochure Ideas for 2017

-Nine Reasons You Must Keep Your Print Brochure

-Designing Brochures for Results

-Award Winning Brochures of the Year

Click here for more and to download the full conference brochure.

Click here to see the weekly Conference News updates. 

Questions about the big LERN Annual Conference?  Call Tammy at (800) 678-5376.

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