Brochure Trends for 2020


Memorize this: Print drives decisions. Decisions are implemented online. That’s the major take away from Julie Coates’ new trends for brochure design for 2020.

Increasingly lifelong learning programs are promoting their programs to millennials, and this means that marketing materials and messages need to evolve to communicate effectively with members of younger generations, she notes in her annual Best Brochure Ideas of the Year session at the big LERN annual conference in San Diego last month.

Look for the full report with the other 5 key points NOW AVAILABLE in the LERN Club and in your next issue of the LERN Magazine.  Here’s her first key point.

Put it in print
Set aside your notions that millennials want everything online and that baby boomers want everything in print. You have it backwards! Boomers in the U.S. lead all other nations in computer literacy of older adults. And millennials prefer print catalogs.

Yes. The popularity of print continues to rise as more younger people begin to participate in lifelong learning. Increasingly, lifelong learning members are noting that when they improve their print catalog, their online and digital presence is more effective. The catalog drives traffic to your website. Tips:

  • Integrate your print materials with digital communication
  • Focus on creating well-designed, easily navigable web pages and good social media

And memorize this: “Print drives decisions. Decisions are implemented online.” Forgot your password to the LERN Club?  Email us at info@lern.org