Build Participant Trust


Customer trust is more important than it has ever been. More than a third of consumers say that trust is central to their decisions about doing business with a company.  For many financially squeezed people they cannot afford to make a mistake.

According to a 2019 report by Edelman, trust is central to customer retention. Knowing that it is far more costly to generate a registration from a new participant than from an existing customer, increasing trust—and therefore retention and loyalty—is an important priority for lifelong learning organizations.

While a good reputation may drive a purchase decision, retention depends upon developing trust in your organization. Some 67% of consumers say that if they can’t trust a business, they will stop buying from it.

Building customer trust is one of the most important priorities for your organization right now. Start today and keep it up. It will make a difference in your success.

Here’s one way to build trust.

Make sure your web site inspires confidence.  Increasingly, people are doing business online, and that includes registering for your classes. Make sure your participants feel safe, that your security certificates are up-to-date, and that you provide feedback letting them know their transactions have been recorded. Use trusted payment options, and display your trust seals conspicuously.

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