Chat Bot Tools Next Big Thing


If you haven’t encountered an online chat with a bot, you will soon, says Dan Belhassen, one of the foremost authorities in online learning and web technology.  “And if you are with a lifelong learning provider, this is the future of how you’ll be interacting with your customers, and how you’ll personally be interacting with other organizations” he predicts.

Belhassen, founder and head of Neovation Learning Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba, gave his fourth annual update on eTools for participants in LERN’s Certified Faculty Developer program last month. In addition to spending hours every day keeping up with the online learning field, he has just released his own new adaptive microlearning eTool called OttoLearn. He and his colleague Susan Hurrell teach the 4th most popular UGotClass Certificate on Digital Marketing.

For his other top 6 news and trends for lifelong learning programs in 2018, visit the LERN Club this month. The story includes his top 10 new software eTools and apps to check out,you’re your program or your own professional development. Forgot your password?  Just email info@lern.org

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