COI Largest Ever


More Certified Online Instructors (COI) have been certified this year than any year since its founding twenty years ago.

The reason, not surprisingly, is the pandemic shifting classes to online. The need, more teachers and institutions are just realizing, is to know how pedagogically to teach well online.

Some 45 instructors earned their COI. The ‘Best in Class’ was led by Holly Hebert of Thompsons Station, TN, who teaches for Middle Tennessee State University. Ms. Hebert scored a 96 out of 100 on the final exam.

Online teaching has received awful publicity from the nation’s media recently. That is totally due to the fact that most instructors have never been trained to teach online.

For more on the Certified Online Instructor program and COI designation, contact Tammy Peterson at LERN at tammy@lern.org. Photo: COI instructor Dr. Dionne Felix, COI

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