Confusion a Crisis?


There’s too much confusion and misinformation revolving around lifelong learning programs and continuing education, says LERN President William A. Draves.

Draves says the confusion could amount to a crisis for the field. He addresses the issue, and what to do about it, in a 2 minute video message just released. Click Here.

Some of the top misinformation being spread:

1.Online courses compete with in-person classes. That’s wrong, all the data shows.

2.The same topic, in another format, competes with another course on the same topic. That’s wrong, successful members report, as different formats and prices are a win-win.

3.Your biggest financial contribution is profitable classes. Just not true. Your biggest financial contribution is to the overall financial well being of your institution. For recreation departments and community education in public schools, that means generating votes when your institution comes up for additional local funding. For community colleges and universities, that means generating credit and degree students when you increase your noncredit registrations.

The biggest misinformation
The biggest misinformation is that the print brochure should be cut. A disastrous mistake, still being promoted by some central administrators. Eliminating the print brochure has taken a huge toll on the field.

Rely on LERN information, and tell your administrators what the research and evidence shows. In addition, watch the 2 minute video. Just Click Here.