Coverage Starts Now


New information and reports from the big Annual LERN Conference in San Diego starts now. Here’s the first big news coming out of the conference Nov 19-22.

Big Leaps in Integrated Marketing
Even smaller lifelong learning programs have taken big leaps with integrated marketing in the last year, new awards submissions show. You are getting a handle on email effectiveness, boosting social media presence, and integrating digital marketing with your print brochure. Print brochures are still high quality.

Model Home Page Now Clear
From the awards submissions on best web site from programs in all institutional settings, it is now clear that there is a model Home Page for success for the field.  Up until this time, there were no common elements being reported for website success.  The model will be announced at the conference and later in your LERN member newsletter.

More Organizations Reach Underserved
   More lifelong learning organizations are establishing efforts to reach underserved populations, especially in conjunction with critical community needs.  Minnetonka Community Education, for example, has a program and separate brochure to serve the needs of the disabled.  And Houston Community College has established a program to educate those in prison.  Last year the City of Concord Senior Center, Concord, California, won an award for “Be a Santa to a Senior,” which  provides a modest gift to more than 300 low income and homeless seniors.

Instagram Now Hot
 Instagram is trending up, up this year. LERN predicted Instagram would grow among lifelong learning programs last year after seeing recreation departments adopt the social media platform. This year we are seeing programs in other institutional settings submitting awards nominations also report good success with Instagram.

First Program to Take Texts
 The first lifelong learning program to invite potential participants to text the program has just reported its success rate with people texting them. The technique will be cited as one of the Best Promotion Ideas of the Year at the conference.

State of Lifelong Learning Healthy
   Overall, the state of lifelong learning programs is healthy, LERN is reporting in its new State of Lifelong Learning for 2020 report to be shared at the opening session of the conference on Nov 20.  The full State report will be released after the conference.

You’re Not Prepared
  You and your program are doing well, but you are not prepared for the decade of the Twenties, starting in just days, according to the all-new LERN Forecasts for 2020.  The full LERN Forecasts will be released after the conference.