COVID Takes Top LERNie


Laura Wetherald, a Senior LERN Leader, past Chair of the LERN Recreation Council, and one of the leading recreation professionals in the field, passed away recently due to COVID.

The news shocked and saddened LERN leaders and staff across the country.

Laura ran a huge recreation program for the Howard County Recreation and Parks Department in Columbia, Maryland. Their summer camps program generates $3 million a year, maybe the largest in the country.

For her outstanding lifetime work, service to her community, and contributions to the field of recreation she posthumously has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the LERN Board of Directors. The day before her passing, Laura was unanimously approved to serve on the LERN Board of Directors by the Nominations Committee, which was unaware of her health issue.

The lifetime award will be presented to the staff of the Howard County Recreation and Parks Department with the message: “May her life and work inspire you to reach your full leadership potential as well.” We will miss Laura Wetherald every day.

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