Create a More Productive Lifestyle


A more enjoyable, restful and re-energizing personal life is essential to becoming more productive at work. From LERN’s popular online class on productivity and time management, here’s the Big 7 Things to do:

1.Don’t work more than 50 hours a week.
The research says it just lowers your productivity, not helping either you or your organization.

2.Revisit where you live.
 Suburbs eat up time, at least 2 hours a day, that are neither work hours nor family/personal hours. Look at moving closer to work, either in distance or time. If you can, taking the train or light rail allows you to do other things while commuting.

3.Work from home.
  Working from home is 25% more productive for you, and for your organization. Send regular communication and requests for you to increase the number of days you can work from home. It’s win-win.

4.Shut off work.
  After work, just close it down and let others know you are not available. Don’t look at email, answer cell phone, no work texts, just shut it down. Some people get separate cell phones for work and personal, and just shut off the work cell phone after hours.

5.Wellness and mental health needs to be strengthened.
  Do not pretend you are just fine when we know depression, anxiety and panic is at an all time high. It’s ok. Just do what makes you mentally healthier. You don’t have to advertise it. And you don’t have to apologize for it.  We all need to spend time on our own mental wellness.

6.Get into nature, out of doors.
Everyone has a nature deficit right now. Both mental and physical health benefit from fresh air, night air, whatever you can do. You don’t have to go to Alaska. You do need more nature. And that ‘Eat well-sleep well-exercise’ thing: there is no substitute.

7.Find your rest.
   Find your place, your time, your passion, your rest. Whatever it is that re-energizes you, make room for it. And don’t apologize.

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