Don’t Miss These 5 Sessions


Here are 5 sessions you can’t afford to miss. And why.

1.New! Segmenting Your Email List, with Belinda Elliott-Bielecki.
2.New! Paradigm Shifts and Productivity, with Travette Webster.
3.New! Home Page Metrics, with Kiel Cross, Tom Leaverton, and Deanne Belshe.
4.New! Reinvent! With Elisa Waldman, Joe Miera, and Gary Girard.
5.New! Best Video Clips, with Betty Sedor.

Here’s why.
– Email marketing is essential. Gone are e-blasts to all your customers. Increase registrations with targeted segmented lists. Find out how many to have and how.

– Old paradigm thinking hurts staff productivity. It costs nothing to create new staff productivity thinking that responds to technology, staff morale and shortages, and challenges.

– A pioneering breakthrough session in how to measure your Home Page visits to improve your views, clicks and registrations. Your home page is critical today for every program

– Your program is not the same coming out of the pandemic. Top practitioners are reinventing their programs to respond to the new environment and possibilities.

– The leading video reviewer for the field shares the best-of-the-best. She also reports on the trends, innovations and tips you can use for your program’s videos.

These sessions and 40 more are only available at the big LERN Virtual Conference Nov. 14-17, 2022. The largest most advanced conference in the field with over 1,700 attendees.

Just $1,795 for up to 30 people from your organization.

Register now at www.lern.org/conference