End prices with 9


LERN researcher Julie Coates has discovered new research suggesting that ending your course and event prices in 9 outdraws every 9999other price, even when other prices are cheaper.

For courses and events, prices have often ended in 5, such as $195 or $495.  But the new research suggests people think $199 is cheaper than $195 and $499 is less expensive than $495.

Coates herself says she initially thought a hotel room for $309 was cheaper than one for $295 until she thought about it.

She presented the new findings at the Advanced Programming Institute in New Orleans this spring.

For more, check out this American Genius article on an MIT study about pricing.

This year’s LERN Advanced Programming Institute had the most participants ever, and premiered the new Certified Professional Programmer (C2P) designation. LERN is encouraging every lifelong learning program to have at least one staff member trained in programming.   Next year’s Advanced Programming Institute will be in Savannah, April 12-16, 2015.

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