Faces Sell


It’s not just pumpkin faces that sell. Faces on the cover of your brochure are the best image to engage your learners. And get them to turn the page.  Faces on your home page banner image are the best to get them to click.

We’re wondering why you would ever produce a brochure cover without a face or 2-3 faces featured in the image.

Every brochure should have a face, or 2-3 faces, featured in the cover image.

You might get tired of faces on your covers.  But your customers never get tired of faces on your covers.

Your first 2024 Resolution: Every cover, always a face.

For examples of great brochure covers this year, the Best Ideas of the Year will include award winning brochure covers. Watch it live at the Annual Conference.  Or Active Members can look for it afterwards.

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