Fall 2023 Brochure Tips


Here are 5 new tips for your Fall 2023 brochure. They come from the top experts in the field, Julie Coates and Jordan Kively.

1.Do more small images.
Images on your course description pages attract attention, point to a profitable or popular class, and make for a more interesting page design.

But the photos and images don’t have to be large to have an effect. So use one column or half column images and get the same result with less space.

One image for every two page spread is a minimum. More programs are moving to 1-3 images per page.

2.You can reduce descriptions.
You can reduce the number of words in a typical course description to 60-80 words. The minimum is 40 words for maximum results, so do not go under 40 words. Never list just titles.

For your most profitable, popular or high dollar programs, you can do 120 words or add an image. Adding space for profitable classes increases their profitability.

3.Switch to serif.
Younger generations favor a serif type font for print in 2023. Times New Roman is a common serif font. Serif fonts are easier to read.

And do a test layout with 3 columns per page versus two. You will save a lot of space. You will increase readability with 3 columns. And images don’t take up as much space.

4.Only the class title should be boldfaced.
Boldface course titles. Preferably in black ink. Do not boldface any other words. Do not boldface cost, place, date or anything else.

You want the course titles to stand out. Other boldfaced words detract and divert a reader’s attention and that inhibits registrations.

5.Always add “New!” for new courses.
Put New! In front of the title for the first year of a course being offered. Red ink boldfaced is the best effect.

The image is of three brochure covers from the 1970s. From the LERN collection of brochures, the largest in the world. And we feature them in celebrating our 50th Anniversary.

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