Fall Hot Topics


Here’s the hot topics with lifelong learning programs this fall.

  1. Social media and what works.
  2. Distributing your brochure by carrier route, not zip code.
  3. The best brochures for 2018.
  4. The most common brochure mistakes to avoid for 2019.

October surprise!  We’ve just done newsletters on each of those topics in the last few months. Each is specific to your constituency: recreation, community education in public schools, continuing ed in universities, and continuing ed in community colleges.

The most common brochure mistakes issue will arrive on your doorstep in October. The others are available to LERN Members in the LERN Club.  And, if you want a hard copy of one of the newsletters, just email us at info@lern.org.

Image: Only 20% of your brochures generate 80% of your registrations from the print brochure. To save money, and increase registrations by targeting your brochure distribution, read our newsletter on carrier route distribution or email us at info@lern.org for your FREE carrier route analysis.

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