Fall Session Historic


Historic, and pioneering. That’s the Fall 2020 session. You are not only seeing the first full session responding to the ongoing pandemic situation. You also are seeing the first session fully addressing online classes.

We already know some of the new and innovative things to look for with LERN Member programs’ experiences this fall. We don’t know what works, and what doesn’t, but we know what to look at. Here’s some things:

*Live Online (Zoom) classes.
How many are LERN Member programs offering, what are the registrations and income, what are your students saying about them.

*Print versus No-Print brochures.
We have 5 years or more of evidence that programs without a print brochure for Fall 2020 will suffer mightily in registrations and income. We will track it.

*UGotClass course registrations.
The initial numbers indicate a big uptick in both LERN Member programs offering UGotClass this fall, and the registration numbers.

*Digital marketing.
What worked, what did not, and whether digital marketing as a stand-alone can work successfully or whether it still needs to be integrated and working hand-in-hand with the print brochure.

*New courses.
What new courses premiere this fall. And whether there are some new courses either pandemic related or simply new and hot as a response to the pandemic.

*Professional development versus Personal development registrations.
Recessions tend to favor or tilt registrations towards professional development, but the pandemic may induce registrations in personal development as people try to cope with the ongoing situation.

*Second Print Brochure with All Online Classes.
The first program to have a print brochure with just online classes premiered it this summer. The program came out with a print brochure with just online classes for the second time this fall. Analyzing the changes, and new insights after two full brochures with online-only classes will be fascinating.

*Nonstop or Continuous Registration.
Another LERN Member program is the first to install nonstop or continuous registration, taking registrations throughout the fall right up until the last class starts. That program’s experiences and plans for 2021 will be, well, fascinating.

And more. It is history in the making for our field.

LERN will have a complete and exclusive review of the Fall 2020 session at the LERN Virtual Conference November 16-19. Check out the exciting and robust agenda of over 40 sessions at one low price at lern.org/conference

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