First Award for Biweekly Emails


biweeklyThe conference saw the first program to document that more frequent and targeted emails works.  The award winning program sends an email to their best email list every two weeks, the most frequent email schedule to date.  The lesson: email more frequently, and to a more targeted list.

The North Seattle Community College, Seattle, Washington,  Elysse Reyna, accepting, got the award for sending emails out every two weeks. Here’s what the judges wrote about the award,

“Content marketing and customer engagement are the marketing strategies for the digital age. This program has put together a very effective campaign to engage their customers. They send out  email newsletters every two weeks, one of the first lifelong learning programs to demonstrate the success of more frequent emails to more targeted audiences.

“The frequent emails,” in their words,  “increase registrations through retention, engagement, and driving traffic to the website.” They have a library of rotating content including featured classes, contests, student testimonials, blog posts, new programs, featured classes, instructor spotlight, and more.

“On average, the website sees a 100 percent spike in traffic when an email newsletter goes out. By measuring the most popular content, they can make data driven decisions about what their customers want.”

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