First Big ROIs


Here’s the topics for your first Big ROIs from the big LERN annual conference this year. For the complete story with the practical how-to tips explained, visit the LERN Club.  Forgot your password?  Email info@lern.org

1.Email benchmarks.
For the first time ever, LERN released benchmarks for Open Rates, Click Rates and Click-Through Rates on email promotions for the field of lifelong learning.  Check out the benchmarks in the LERN Club.

2.Waiting List solution.
We hate waiting lists.  But if you cannot add another offering to accommodate the people on your waiting list, here’s a brilliant win-win solution from LeRae Kinney, the Adult & Community Education program for School Administration District #1 in Presque Isle, Maine.  Take away this brilliant solution, now explained in the LERN Club.

3.First Program to Say ‘Text Us’.
Text Us says the Parkway-Rockwood Community Education program in Ellisville, Missouri, the first LERN member program we know of to invite people to text them. For more on the response, go to the LERN Club.

4.Model Home Page Design Confirmed.
We’ve been waiting years for a model home page design for lifelong learning programs to become clear. Now we have it. This year’s Award winners and nominees include several programs with the same home page design. Finally we can confirm the ideal home page design for the field.

5.New Free Google Tool.
Named repeatedly by attendees as one of the top ideas from the conference, Google offers this free tool to give your program more visibility, and the analytics to tell you how it is working. Check it out in the LERN Club.

More, more, more.   LERN staff is busy this month typing up all the other great ideas. Stay tuned here and visit the LERN Club monthly for more advanced, practical, how-to techniques from not just the largest, but also the leading lifelong learning conference in the world.

Again, for the full how-to’s for these first big ROI’s from the LERN conference, check out the LERN Club.  Forgot your password?  Email info@lern.org