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HP Get CertifiedMeeting in Savannah, LERN Leaders have created a new professional development structure for the field of lifelong learning.  The Certified Program Planner (CPP) is now the brand designation for the field.

Led by recreation professional Kelly Gilfillen of Alexandria, Virginia, the LERN Leaders agreed the Certified Program Planner (CPP) is the brand designation for the field.

Professional development is essential to keeping your program growing and successful, LERN Leaders meeting in Savannah stated.

Beginning in 2019, more emphasis will be made to get every professional to become a CPP. The LERN Board of Directors also approved a CPP renewal program that will recertify current CPPs every two years.

The next Certified Program Planner (CPP) online program and exam will begin February 4. Just click here. 

LERN also has six other designations with these programs and exams being offering starting February 4.

Certified Operations Manager
Certified Digital Marketer
Certified Contract Trainer
Certified Programmer Online

Offered in the Fall of 2019 are:
Certified Marketing Planner
Certified Professional Programmer