Gift for You


Russian GiftThank you for what you do in lifelong learning.  Our gift for you this holiday season is a new member portal.

Located within the member-only LERN Club,  the member portal is a gateway to your account.

Three Uses

Here are three big uses for your member portal. More uses are coming, but these three show how useful and easy your member portal is for your organization.

1.Update Your Member Roster.
   You can change the individuals receiving your membership benefits.  No need to contact LERN.  Some staff retire, new ones arrive.  You get up to 6 people receiving membership benefits, and now you can update your list anytime.

2.Sign up for FREE Member Webinars.
   You will be able to sign up for our Free member webinars using your member portal. This will make sign up easy and fast and more accurate.  Plus it will save hundreds of hours of LERN staff time, which we can redirect to providing increased services to you without increasing your dues.

3.Renew Your Membership.
Renewing your membership will be easy and automatic, saving you time and energy. We will still accept renewals in every other way, but we know many of you wish to renew your membership online. Now you can.

More uses of your member portal are coming.  But the first three uses are pretty cool.

Gift to LERN

The image for this story comes from a gift brought to the LERN Conference in Savannah last month by Dmitrii Gudzenko of Russia.  The friendship between our two peoples, and lifelong learning colleagues and programs, has been a wonderful gift for the people of LERN.

We also thank Anatoly Demyanchenko of the Russian Federation association of lifelong learning for starting this win-win collaboration, sharing of ideas, and friendship between LERN in North America and lifelong learning programs in the Russian Federation.   Thanks as well to Sergei and Ivan and the others we have met.  We value your friendship, and your contributions to lifelong learning.