Good News: Registrations


Registrations were up a whopping 70% Up over Fall 2021 for lifelong learning and continuing education programs overall. This according to LERN’s Exclusive annual fall registration survey.

Only 13% of programs saw registrations Down from a year ago. Another 18% reported registrations were the Same.

More Good News
Even better, some 57% of programs were Back to or Up over 2019 pre-pandemic levels. Another 18% were almost back to 2019 levels. The other 26% of programs reported Still Down from 2019.

The Only Bad News
Once again, programs that are NOT members of LERN reported 10% lower registrations and income than LERN members.

Best News
Only 20% of programs in the U.S. reported eliminating the print brochure this fall. This is down substantially from the 29% of programs that did not do a print brochure last year. During the pandemic, many institutions made the fatal mistake of dropping the print brochure. Eliminating the print brochure is disastrous for registrations. Programs are glad the print brochure is back!

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