Groundbreaking Info Released


Thanks to our members and LERN leaders for making the FY23 year hugely successful. Your participation and contributions make LERN the most influential organization in the field.

Here’s the Top Ten Highlights from LERN’s recently concluded FY23 year:

10.New Benchmarks and KPIs.
New benchmarks, key performance indicators (KPIs), and what the best programs do came out. New benchmarks for how much to spend on marketing, how to forecast revenue, home page metrics, and website design were created.

9.Virtual Gatherings.
Cutting edge updates from panels of the best programmers provided networking, interaction and the latest news, trends and issues for all our members. Thanks to LERN Council leaders for being panelists.

8.Another 300 practitioners become CPPs.
Another 300 practitioners became Certified Program Planners (CPPs), the leading training and designation in the field.  LERN has become THE place to train your staff.

7.In-person events return with a new groundbreaking format.
In-person conferences returned with a new groundbreaking format focused on discussion, networking and participant interaction.

6.Expertise in Lean and streamlining procedures premiered.
The LERN Consulting Group, the largest consulting team in the field, added a new intensive and comprehensive skillset in Lean, processes and streamlining procedures.

5.UGotClass outperforms the for-profits.
As for-profit ‘education’ starts to crumble in quality, UGotClass distanced us from the for-profits. This year Partners cited our superior customer service for your students. You generated another record in registrations for UGotClass.

4.First Gen Z analysis released.
The foremost authority on generations did it again as the LERN consulting staff premiered the latest on marketing and communicating with different generations in the workplace.

3.Largest conference in the world held.
More than 1,750 professionals attended the LERN Annual Conference, making it the largest conference in the world. Pioneering breakthroughs in email segmentation and other advanced topics made it an historic conference.

2.Members get 10% increase in income.
Members received a 10% increase in income as compared to non-members, three different sources reported. Your investment in dues paid a huge return of at least 10:1.

1.More than 300,000 customers generated.
More than 300,000 people in North America attended a class from our members because of LERN.  It makes LERN the most influential organization in lifelong learning and continuing education.

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