Historic Conference for Field


HP Slider OneThe big annual LERN conference in Savannah just concluded proved to be as exciting, valuable and historic as it was predicted.

Full coverage of all the practical, advanced how-to latest information emerging from the conference is being released on our web site, LERN Club, newsletters and in the LERN Magazine.

Historic for the Field
Here are the three news events coming out of the conference that will change your program and the field.  Photo:the best seats in the house were outside, as attendees got some fresh air and viewed the river boats in between sessions.

LERN Leaders, Board members and members endorsed an ongoing two-year professional development cycle to keep the field updated and current on the latest best practices in the field.

Attendees voted on the top new areas to be covered in a CPP Renewal program, which will premiere as a one-month online course in April.

The LERN Board of Directors voted to approve a Program Certification for LERN Member organizations in community education in public schools, continuing education in universities and continuing education in community colleges.

The certification program will create the largest database in the field of community and continuing education on such critical numbers as cancellation rate, income, registrations and income trends.

With the Gen Y members of the Emerging Leaders Council already creating a new format for the conference concurrent sessions, the Gen Yers will now explore and develop a new way for conference attendees to network with others at the conference.

The initiative is part of the transformation of the LERN conference to be more engaging, participatory, and meet the conference needs of Gen Y professionals in lifelong learning.