Historic Ending


A surprise ending to the historic Fall 2020 session in the field of lifelong learning programming. Some 1,500 people at the first LERN Virtual Conference created history itself for the field, creating a whole new model for virtual conferences.

Programs attending undoubtedly will steal LERN’s great features for their own virtual conference or other online event.

Top 5 new features:
1.Participant engagement in creating polls, chat, 1:1 meetings, breakouts, Small Group Discussions, and of course Q&A with questions ranked by participants.
2.Short 15 minute sessions focused on ROI.
3.Unlimited attendance for one flat Organizational fee.
4.’Pop in’ availability for central administrators to attend just one or two sessions.
5.Pre and post-conference special reports for the Organization’s six delegates.

All sessions were recorded so that participants can attend any or all of the 44 concurrent sessions up to 90 days later. Talk about Return on Investment!

The participant engagement and contributions exceeded expectations. A major focus to enhancing next years LERN Virtual Conference will be to explore with LERN leaders how to tap further into the ideas of participants in a variety of different interactive formats.

Next year’s LERN Virtual Conference will be November 15-18, 2021. Mark your calendar now.

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