Hobbies Back



With increased stress, tension and the need for better mental health among people today, hobbies, leisure and enrichment classes are assuming an even bigger importance to society right now.

Your programs are a major source of wellness for society.  People who pursue hobbies and other leisure activity are healthier and happier than those who do not.

The actual leisure pursuit is not as critical as just having a hobby one enjoys. Some classes trending this fall, according to LERN’s trend expert Julie Coates, include:


Pets. Anything to do with animals is of interest right now, with people spending money not only on dogs and cats, but an increasing array of other kinds of pets.


 Cooking. More exotic options such as ethnic cuisines to learning how to prepare the latest vegetarian, organic and vegan specialties. There are endless opportunities.


 Dance. Ballroom is making a come-back on college campuses. From hip-hop to ballroom, not only is dance helpful in improving fitness, it is a fun social activity.


  Gardening. This is the most popular leisure activity in society right now.


 Making something. Building birdhouses, learning how to knit, or classes in stained glass. Pottery continues to be the top subject at several LERN member programs.  Collect antique teaspoons.  Hobbies in which your participants make something is on the rise.

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