Holy Mackerel!


We’ve lowered the cost of the biggest and best conference in the field. Immediately following the hugely successful LERN Annual Conference, your LERN leaders approved of a big discount for the 2023 conference.

“We are making it possible for every LERN member to attend in 2023,” announced Amy Lasack, Chair of the LERN Board of Directors.

Colossal Savings for 2023
– Save from $500 – $1,000 with our Early Registration Discount, available to every LERN member until July 30, 2023.
– The cost for Organizations with 5 or fewer FTE staff, just $995. Includes up to 5 attendees.
– The fee for Organizations with 6 or more FTE staff, only $1,495. Includes up to 30 attendees.
– The Regular fee for others is $1,995. Email info@lern.org to register or ask questions.

Largest Conference in the World
Some 1,755 practitioners made the LERN conference once again the largest in the world in the field of lifelong learning. The practical how-to sessions also made it the leading conference with the latest and most advanced information. The stats tell the story:

*More than 12,000 sessions attended.

*The average session had more than 200 people participating.

*Some 12 questions asked per session, more than is possible at in-person conferences.

*For the first time, an Organization registered after the conference so all their staff could view the 45 sessions.

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