Home or Office?


It’s the hottest issue in business today. It’s on the minds of your boss and your boss’ boss, as the ‘work from home or office?’ issue also affects every organization in lifelong learning programming today.

Your students in our LERN Courses are talking about it. Articles appear in the national news media almost daily (mostly with bad advice).

Here’s 3 info-tips, and 3 resources.


1.You are 25% more productive working from home.
– You probably already know this, but all the research and data support it. So quote the data.
– Research also shows that the argument that greater collaboration and brainstorming takes place in-office is just not true.

2.The future is more people working remotely.
-The trend is definitely towards more people working from home, or wherever they wish.
-While some staff will have to show up to facilitate classes and provide in-person registration, the bulk of work in lifelong learning programs can be done better from home.
-While the pandemic has obviously given the issue a high-profile visibility, the trend towards home work is not a temporary one. It’s the future.

3.Your taxpayers will demand it.
-As more and more taxpayers work from home, they will start to object to paying 25% higher taxes plus building costs just to mollify your in-office boss.
-If your organization provides training for business or professional development, you will be lost and unable to program effectively without personal experience in working remotely.


1.FREE model request letter.
If you want to work from home and your boss won’t allow it, ask LERN for our model letter explaining why you will be more productive and help your organization more by working from home. The letter was prompted by LERN member Emma Baumann of North Mankato, Minnesota. Request it by emailing info@lern.org

2.Virtual Conference sessions.
Member Scott Cashman of Palatine, Illinois, will present a ShowStopper session on his experience in taking his staff home permanently. A follow up panel session will feature other members sharing their sessions. Check it out at lern.org/conference

3.Managing Remote Workers.
Premieres this fall, and will be offered throughout 2022. For your customers, get up to 50% of the revenue. Two month online certificate. Working remotely for over 20 years, LERN member Joseph M. Miera, M.P.A., CPP, Vice Provost, Division of Educational Outreach, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, says, “LERN invented virtual work.”

Click above for the description. Email Garrett Stern at stern@lern.org to offer it in 2022.

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