Hot! Engaged Sessions


Discover a whole new learning experience, then use LERN’s original new Engaged Session format to redesign some of your activities to be more active and learner engaged.

Developed by LERN members from the millennial generation, the new Engaged Session format premiered at last year’s LERN annual conference.  It was so popular this year we will have an Engaged Session option for each of our concurrent sessions time slots.

Participants are seated at round tables, not in rows.

The Engaged Session format:

1.The presenter speaks for only 10 minutes, then takes questions for 5 minutes.
2.You then engage with your colleagues in small group discussions at the round tables.
3.Someone from your table reports out to the full group with the best ideas.
4.You and others take a survey or poll using your mobile phone, with the results immediately appearing in real time on the screen.
5.Your presenter summarizes the major outcomes of the session.

The final brochure with all 72 exciting sessions, half of which are new, half of which are led by the best practitioners in the field, will be available online by the end of June, with the printed brochure arriving in your mail in mid-July.

Hotel information and weekly updates are at www.lern.org/conference

If your fiscal year ends June 30, you may charge your conference registration now to either fiscal year.

Be sure to register for the conference by August 1 and save $100.

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