Hot Summer Camps 2024


“Learning to Pedal”; “Underwater Robotics”; and “Nerf Camp” were 3 of the hot summer camps for this past summer.

More than 100 summer camp programmers shared their hot summer camp topics with each other. It was part of the LERN “Summer Camps 2024” webinar series.

Jason Hopkins of the City of Fontana, California, is doing another program in the series on “Marketing Summer Camp Programs.”  And Carlotta Wade of PGParks in Riverside, Maryland, is doing the third program on her highly successful summer programming for teenagers and her “Xtreme Teenchella” event.

Programming for 2024 Summer Camps is in full swing. Most programs will be sending out their 2024 Summer Camp brochure in either February or March. A few are even promoting their 2024 summer camps this fall.

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