How Marketing is Shifting


Marketing of your lifelong learning or continuing education program is shifting dramatically right now.

In surveys of the most successful programs, there is a decline in the Direct Costs of marketing and promotion: printing, mailing, and traditional advertising.

The print brochure or catalog is an absolute “Must” for a program in the U.S. to remain successful. But LERN is helping programs to trim brochure costs without hurting registrations.

New Numbers on Spending for Marketing
This spring LERN is surveying members to get new numbers on what the most successful programs spend on marketing.

What early results indicate is that there is a decline in the Direct Costs of marketing and promotion, even for programs doing great print brochures and print brochure distribution.

We will have the new data soon.

The 3 Shifts in Marketing
We also know that there are 3 shifts going on with marketing, and marketing spending, for lifelong learning and continuing education programs.

It is the ‘Must Read’ article for this month, relevant to every program.

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